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Tokyo Vampire Hotel: 1x9

episode 8.02

When going out from the Tokyo Vampire Hotel, the world contaminated with radioactivity was supposed to be spreading. However, when the chef Cody (Shibukawa Kiyohiko) finished his work, when he went out to the city in the night of Tokyo where there was no change, he took a woman and brought him to the alley. Akari (Mr. Noriaki Mori), who is about to turn 14, is curious about the unseen world outside. Only she notices that the outside world is continuing and asks him to bring him out to Cody. Cody calls out as a birthday present to Akari, secretly leading out. Outside air touched for the first time in birth …. When Akari woke up, it was the lobby of the hotel. Is it a dream or a reality? Cody will soon disappear from the hotel. There is only a week left for food. If humans starve to death the blood supply to the Korubin family will also be blocked. And Manami (Takinobu Aoi) and K (Natsuho) were about to awake.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel Season 01 Episode 09 S01E09
Jun. 16, 2017