My Life on MTV – Season 1 Episode 7

addlinkJuly 6, 2021
My Life on MTV - Season 1 Episode 7

My Life on MTV – Season 1 Episode 7

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2021-07-06 06:06:55

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My Life on MTV – Season 1

It’s been 4 decades since the music revolution was televised. 40 YEARS. Thousands of unforgettable moments. Now MTV is taking fans on a nostalgic trip using footage from our global vaults to re-live the most impactful MTV moments with the most unforgettable artists since 1981. Each 30-minute episode will tell the stories of two artists who are linked by a common theme – We’ll see their first ever appearance on MTV, and all the defining moments through present day. JT and J.Lo. Katy and Nicki. One Direction and Backstreet Boys…Diddy and Snoop…Britney and *NSYNC…and more. Their music, their fans, their lives…it all happened right here…on MTV.

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